noun Māori

In their own space and time

Inspired by beautiful Maori word for Autism "Takiwatanga", Gurucool is making education personalised and empathetic. For us, each person is special, who will learn, grow and thrive in their own space and time. We have decided to advocate for 'space and time' of each individual learner. We can't make a dandelion bloom in a day. Why? Because it has its own time to grow. Why dont Dandelions grow on moon? Because moon isn't a safe and supportive space for them.


The Empathy Effect


Our story isn't a story of success. Our story is a story of struggle, survival and patience. Our story is a story of an unhazed dream and an unwavering faith to create a more learned and empathetic world!



for existing.

You have come so far, You have lived– with bravery and dignity. Whatever worries you, and whatever brings sadness to your face shall fade, with a new tale– Of love, kindness and empathy.